Verzasca Valley and Lavertezzo

Verzasca Valley is in the Canton of Ticino, an Italian-speaking region in southern Switzerland. This region has some beautiful Alpine peaks and valleys.  You can reach the Verzasca Valley from the nearest city of Locarno (which has some  beautiful hiking and lakes of its own).



Lavertezzo is a small village in the beautiful Verzasca Valley of the Swiss Alpine mountains. Lavertezzo is by far one of my favorite places in Switzerland with incredible turquoise waters and smooth sunbathing rocks as well as good Italian food (thanks to its close proximity to the border of Italy). Increasingly more popular, this spot is great in spring, summer, and fall although the hotter it is the more likely it is to be crowded (so get here earlier if you can!).

How to get here: 

By train: The nearest train station is Tenero but there are also train stations in Locarno and Bellinzona. From the train stations you can take a bus to Verzasca Valley.

By bus: The postal bus leaves approx. every 2 hours from Locarnom Bellinzona, or Tenero. The bus stops at about 18 different places in the valley including the villages and Verzsca Dam ( this stop is called “Diga Verzasca”). In Lavertezzo, the bus stops near the church tower.

By car: I rented a car from Geneva, and recommend this option if you like to explore at your own pace.  This option definitely gives you the most freedom. We stopped at the Dam and moved slowly through the sites of the valley. It is about 30 minutes from Locarno.  Note: When you get to the town of Lavertezzo, where you likely will want to stop for the day, it can be difficult to find a parking spot so keep your eyes open and go early if possible.


What to do and where to go: 

 Verzasca Dam and Lake Vogorno: This dam is 220 meters high making it the second highest bungy jump in the world. If you are not one for adrenaline sports you can simply walk along the dam and enjoy the incredible lakeside view.

IMG_0473 IMG_0471

Lavertezzo Bridge and Valley: The Lavertezzo bridge known as “Ponte Dei Salti” means double arched bridge. You can jump off of the bridge’s arches into the deep crystalline waters below.

IMG_8420 IMG_0488

Just below and beyond the bridge in the valley are large smooth rocks. This is a perfect area for sunbathing, reading, and slipping into the cool water. And the farther down you go the less people.


IMG_0491 IMG_0494

There are many good little restaurants around the town and you do not have to go far to find spectacular Italian food.


Hike: Just around the bridge and water there is some nice hiking. One way to go is the 12 km long route from Sonogno – Lavertezzo. This will pass through little restaurants and village shops at some points.



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